Christophe Cerisara

CNRS Researcher in Deep Learning, Natural Language and Speech Processing (NLP)



Deep learning, Bayesian inference, unsupervised learning…
Speech recognition, dialogue, summarization…
Computer Science

Python, go, java, C, git, JAMstack…

Developer: linux, android; preferred tools: github, gitlab, markdown (Mkdocs, Hugo, Jekyll, Reveal.js…), GPU computing (via Pytorch, Tensorflow, JAX), latex, ActivityPub federation, …



Since 2001: CNRS researcher in computer science, speech and NLP

Since 2019: Leader of the AI-NLP transversal axis at the LORIA laboratory

Since 2012: Leader of the SYNALP research team

1999-2000: Researcher at Panasonic Speech Technology Laboratory (Santa Barbara, USA)


Since 2017: Resp. of the Machine Learning course at Ecole des Mines de Nancy

Since 2019: Resp. of the Lexical Resources course at Master M2 TAL Nancy

2019: Co-organizer of Python4NLP summer school

Since 2017: Implied in the management of the ERASMUS MUNDUS Master and construction of the new Master TAL in Nancy

2009: Teaching at Univ. Lorraine

2007: Teaching at Ecole des Mines Nancy

2002-2004: Teaching at Univ. Lorraine

2000-2001: ATER teaching Computer Science at Univ. Lorraine & Eng. school

1996-1999: Moniteur teaching Computer Science at IUT, Licence, Master


Mar 2021
Qualification PR CNU 27: N° 21127092941
Mar 2010

Habilitation (HDR), Computer Science; Univ. de Lorraine

Accreditation to supervise researchers

Sep 1999

PhD, Computer Science; Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine

Thesis title: Multi-Band Automatic Speech Recognition

Jun 1996
Engineer, Computer Science; ENSIMAG


AI-PROFICIENT (ICT-38), PAPUD (ITEA), ModelWriter (ITEA), Emospeech (Eurostars), HIWIRE (STREP), Amigo (FP6), OZONE (FP6), MIAMM (FP6)
LUE IMPACT OLKi (leader), GDR LIFT, LEAUDS, CPER LCHN (workpackage leader), ISTEx, ORTOLANG, ORFEO, ContNomina, Web-NLG, CPER MISN TALC (co-leader), ESTER, ETAPE, RAPSODIS (leader)


Nancy, France