Online teaching platform

Current solutions for online teaching are far from perfect, as explained in this blog (in French). That's why I'm using my own online teaching setup, which is based as much as possible on open-source servers, and which is designed to give the best possible interactive experience to students even with low-bandwidth connection.

The core element of this setup is reveal.js and my improved multiplex plugin, which enables to distribute HTML slides. The following diagram describes the various components of my setup:

This setup is not as complex as it looks like to install, and it gives students richer interactive features than with traditional video-based solutions, such as:

So far, this setup is home-made, but I would like to build an easy-to-use and easy-to-install platform, potentially based on the OLKi federated content storage platform to host the educational content in a decentralized network. If you're interested, please contact me !