logo inria The VanaWeb team (project) is funded as an INRIA associate team with UTFSM, Valparaíso, Chile.

Objectives of the project: We are interested in constraint modeling and in the development of constraint solvers based on the combination of complete methods, incomplete methods and autonomous exploration strategies. Our originality relies on a hybrid and autonomous approach that allows us to enhance both the expressiveness and the efficiency of solvers, to obtain better solutions, to solve distributed systems, and to ease the development of solvers since less expertise is needed. In this context, we investigate on different topics: formal frameworks, rule languages (controlled by strategies), cooperation techniques, interoperability and dynamic control of solvers. We are targeting some applications related to composition problems for the Web. We are focusing on the composition of Web services and the composition of documents, where our hybrid, autonomous, and multi-criteria constraint solving techniques seem very useful.


[06/10] Joint TODAS/VanaWeb/Coreweb workshop on Constraint Solving and Tracing, Application to Web services, to be held in Valparaíso in November 2010

[04/10] Article in USM Periódico, April, 2010, page 12.